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60 min IT Project Management

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Get an in-depth understanding about Information Technology (IT) Project Management in a very short time. The app is also a handy quick reference which you can refer to on the go or before a training, interview or a meeting.You need this app if you are:•An IT developer transitioning into Project Management role.•Looking for a quick guide for your Project Management Activities.•Preparing for an Information Technology (IT) Project Management job interview.•Interviewing people on their project management skills.•Interested in refreshing your knowledge on Information Technology (IT) Project Management.
What Will You Learn?Developed by PMP certified and experienced project managers, this app provides a complete coverage of the fundamentals of project management for software development and other IT projects. The content has been specifically designed to focus on needs of a practicing project manager. So you learn about things that matter in your job role or job interview.
Throughout the course, you will be asked to undertake short quizzes that will test your learning and help you retain the learning better. The final quiz will test you on your overall understanding of Project Management concepts.The App includes features to bookmark important pages, write down notes and refer to them through the course.
The topics include the following:1.Big Picture of IT Project Management--1.1.What is a Technology Project--1.2.Role of a Project Manager--1.3.Trends in IT Projects--1.4 Characteristics of IT Projects--1.5 Key success factors of IT Projects2.Project Initiation and Planning--2.1.Stakeholder Analysis--2.2.Requirement Analysis--2.3.Project Scope--2.4.Creating Work Breakdown Structure--2.5.IT Project Estimation (including Function Point Analysis)--2.6.Project Plan--2.7.Project Schedule and Budget--2.8.Project Constraints3.Project Communication--3.1.Stakeholder Communication--3.2.Accurate Communication--3.3.Communication Plan--3.4.Email Etiquette4.Project Change Management--4.1.Change in Project Scope--4.2.Change Management System5.Project Management : Earned Value Management--5.1.EVM: Introduction--5.2.EVM Variances and Performance Indices6.Risk and Issue Management--6.1.Identifying Risks--6.2.Risk Register--6.3.Risk Vs. Issues7.Project Quality Management--7.1.Project Quality Management - Overview--7.2.IT Quality Management Plan--7.3.Quality Standards and Models related to IT projects--7.4.Quality Management Tools and Metrics for IT Projects8.Managing Project Team--8.1.Communicating with Team--8.2.Importance of Delegation--8.3.Managing Virtual Teams--8.4.Shared Vs Dedicated Resources--8.5.What makes a good IT Project Team9.Project Closure and Documentation10.Appendix--10.1.Quick Guide to Microsoft Project 2010--10.2.Software Development Models--10.3.Types of IT Projects11.Final Quiz
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